Fund Reporting Service

Annual and semi-annual report production

FIN RP: the specialist for fund disclosure management

The core benefit of FIN RP is the automated generation of annual and semiannual reports.

With FIN RP the process of creation is under your control at all times, allowing you to be independent of external suppliers, such as graphic designers or other outsourcing partners. With our FIN RP service solution, you can optimize your production of regulatory annual and semi-annual reports simultaneously in terms of time, quality, and costs.

The automation of data import, data validation, and production of high quality reports, including the data format for the subsequent publication in the Federal German Electronic Dictionary, leads to significantly lower costs, and faster process times. Standardization, as a precondition for automation, ensures the consistentcy of all data presented in the reports. The FIN RP status overview allows you to keep an overview of the reports, deadlines and progress made at any time, thus the timely processing and publication of all reports is transparent at all times. Operational safety and audit-proof traceability of all processes and activities are among the basic features of FIN RP.

FIN RP is not a simple editorial system, but a solution specializing in the needs of asset management companies, such as the automatic preparation of all fund-related, periodic, regulatory reports.

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All information about FIN RP is condensed in our fact sheet for your convenience.


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