The Fundreporting Service Solution


Range of services

  • Automatic integration of various information sources
  • Audit-compliant processing and validation of data
  • 2-person approval for data and process stages
  • Minimized data requirements due to internal calculation of derived financial figures
  • 100% consistent reporting of your data in all report sections
  • Definition of flexible processes and layout rules 
  • Generation of high quality reports in a few seconds 
  • Monitoring of all reporting duties and their deadlines on the dashboard
  • Savings in your own hardware and software costs due to the use of the FIN RP platform solution

Service solution FIN RP

FIN RP Status overview

With FIN RP, you optimize the production of annual and semi-annual reports in the dimensions of cost, security and speed.

Cost savings results from the reduced operating costs after decommissioning of your own IT solution and due to constant quality improvement as a consequence of standardized and automated processes.

Correct data and their compliant presentation are the result of a secure processing procedure from the import of data to the final report.

With its freely-definable validation rules, integrated 2-person principle and fully automatic layout process, FIN RP has the required functionality guaranteeing the highest level of security during the whole production process.

The fully automated production process of the reports allows you the immediate control of your data in the finished report. Corrections can be checked ad hoc for their effectiveness. The reports are than available for immediate publication and disclosure.

Our innovative services and experience from a large number of implementation projects allow you to concentrate on fulfilling your duty of public disclosure and are the basis of a short introduction period.


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FIN RP creates your annual and semi-annual reports automatically, with minimal costs, audit-proof, and of course within a timely manner.

FIN RP service solution

Workflow and features

Fin RP service solution - workflow and features